Seticek Golf Impact Tape Set 300Pcs

$21.00 USD

  • 【Instant Feedback Blue Mark】We use a special paper to produce this golf impact tape, these thin labels provide clear and accurate blue impact marks without compromising feel and performance. Letting you know what a missed shot or a perfect swing looks like. Then make the necessary swing adjustments to achieve better ball striking results.
  • 【Improve Your Swing Consistancy】If the ball is hit in the sweet spot, it will fly with the best flight curve and reach the best length. Our golf sticker pattern accurately shows the percentage of distance loss on shots off the sweet spot, which is useful to help you adjust your swing and your posture on each shot.
  • 【Easy To Apply and Remove】We use tear-resistant material and high-quality Removable adhesive in this golf club sticker. Can be easily attached to the club face and does not tear when removed, will not leave adhesive marks that damage your clubs.
  • 【A Useful Swing Practice Aid 】Each Impact label can be used to capture 6-10 impacts in dry weather, which means you can analyze more than 1800 golf shots. Enables golfers to get the most out of every practice session by immediately knowing the effect of strike location on every swing. Use these when warming up before the round or when practicing on the range. Good for all skill levels.
  • 【Great Value Package】You will receive 100 sheet 300pcs Impact Labels packaged in good condition. These golf impact tape can be used on driver, irons, wedges and birdies/hybrids/putters for right handed clubs. The thin, lightweight package fits easily into your golf bag, It is convenient for you to use at any time,you can also share this golf swing training aid with your golf buddies.

Product Description

Can this sticker improve the sweet spot?

These will be great for training and learning how to improve your game. Easy to apply and come off without leaving residue on the club. Takes a couple of good hits and repetitions for the color to show up. They have good information on the stickers though to help you understand how you hit the ball and improve the sweet spot.

How many stickers are in a box?

In the box are 100 sheets with 3 stickers each, 1 for irons,1 for putter and 1 for woods. Each label can be used to capture 6-10 impacts in dry weather, which means you can analyze more than 1800 golf shots.

Do these stickers leave residue on the club?

These stickers are easy to apply and remove and do not leave a residue on your clubface.