Club Champ Swing Groover

$23.00 USD

  • Develop Swing Consistency & Rhythm
  • Condition Your Arm Muscles
  • Training for any skill level
  • Automatically tees itself after every swing
  • Adjusts for woods or irons
  • For Right- and Left-handed Golfers
  • Real golf ball feel
  • Provides instant Directional Feedback

Help Develop Swing Consistency & Rhythm with the Club Champ Swing Groover! Great for any skill level!
The Swing Groover helps conditioning your arm muscles to perfect the perfect swing. It automatically teed itself after every swing. The Swing Groover adjusts for woods (higher setting) and irons (lower setting) and can be used for right- or left-handed golfers. It has a real golf ball feel.
You will benefit from instant directional feedback and the ability to lower your score by developing perfect timing and the perfect swing.