ACHIX Indoor Golf Putter Laser Aiming Device

$30.00 USD

  • Achix Golf Training Aids-Scientific Design for Indoor Putting Practice:the putting laser pointer helps align and visualize your perfect putt, and to help players master the correct feeling on putting/swinging ball, which can quickly corrected the right hook. So the players can master the shot correctly by using the putting trainer.
  • Easy to Install for Indoor Golf Putting. The rod sleeve is pushed from the rod head to the grip direction. The golf training putt laser is pushed from the lower part aim at the mouth of the bayonet and pushes up. After the installation is successful, adjust the laser sight left and right until the laser line is 90-degree perpendicular to the rod head. Then you can use it with confidence.
  • Align the Laser with Your Target: Before using the laser pointer, make sure to align it with your target line at indoor putting practice. This will help you visualize your putting path and ensure that you're aiming in the right direction.
  • Lightweight & Portable: The disc golf alignment training aid is designed to easily fit onto any golf club. It is compact in size and convenient to carry around. By attaching the putting green golf putter laser pro pointer to your golf club, you'll hardly notice any additional weight, as it is incredibly lightweight.
  • Consistency: By using a golf training aids laser pointer regularly, you can develop consistent swing and putting techniques that will help you play better on the course.
  • Instant feedback: Golf putting trainer provide instant feedback on your swing and putting, allowing you to see the results of each shot immediately. This can help you make adjustments in real-time and improve your technique more quickly.
  • Visualization of swing and putting: The golf putter laser aiming device can help golfers visualize their swing and putting technique by showing the path of the club or putter. This can help you identify any flaws or errors in your technique and make adjustments as needed.
  • Versatility: Golf putting laser alignment tool can be used for a variety of putting training exercises, such as alignment drills, swing path drills, and putting drills. As an unique golf accessories aid, the laser putting aid makes them a valuable tool for golfers at all skill levels.