IZZO Golf Exploder Prank Golf Balls 4-Pack - Golf Joke Ball, Novelty Plastic Exploding Ball with Safe, White Powder

$12.00 USD

  • Looks Real: Includes 4 white, dimpled, plastic prank golf balls; Same size and look of a real golf ball
  • White Powder: Exploder Balls will disintegrate on impact, revealing a cloud of white smoke (powder)
  • Prank Your Friends: Fun gag on or off the course; will generate lots of laughs
  • Great Gift Idea: Exploding golf balls are perfect for birthdays, holidays, bachelor parties or backyard games

Everyone looks forward to a fun round of golf with their friends. Add to the fun and generate a few laughs with the Izzo Exploder Golf Balls! These white, dimpled plastic golf balls have the look of a real golf ball, so your friends won’t know it’s fake. These exploding golf balls are designed to disintegrate on impact with a cloud of white "smoke", or powder. The Izzo Exploder Golf Balls are a fun prank, and a great gift idea for a birthday or bachelor party, or to spice up a backyard BBQ. Each pack includes 4 exploding golf balls.