Winn Dritac Junior Golf Grips Dritac

$14.00 USD

  • Revolutionary Patent Technology - Experience an unparalleled combination of comfort and non-slip/tacky feel for a tension-free swing.
  • High Shock Absorption - Reduces vibrations and with our patented material, ensuring a smoother, more controlled swing.
  • Improved Swing Tempo - Our exclusive grip design, backed by patented technology, enhances your swing tempo for greater consistency and accuracy.
  • Tapered Profile - The tapered profile aids grip accuracy, giving you the confidence to make precise shots on every swing.
  • Unbeatable All-Weather Playability - Get consistent grip feedback in any weather condition, enabling you to achieve your target swing results, rain or shine.
  • Customization - Choose from multiple color options to perfectly match your shafts and clubs, adding a personal touch to your golf gear.
  • Perfect Fit for Every Golfer - With four size options available, our grips cater to golfers of all hand sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for everyone.

Winn Dri-Tac Junior Grip The Winn Dri-Tac Junior Grip delivers the ultimate feel and comfort for junior golfers. The 0.55" core works on both the 0.500" and 0.560" shafts.