Nitro Ultimate Distance Soft Multi Golf Ball, 24-Pack, Matte

$22.00 USD

They are suited to help golfers of all levels make the most of their swing. These white golf balls offer an outstanding spin ratio to help improve your ball control, especially while putting on the green. Symmetrical dimples around the Dupont Lithium Surly matte finish cut-proof cover help to maximize your distance. The two-piece tournament construction works well with both metal woods and irons. Available in a 24-count box, these Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls are ideal for golfers at all levels who are serious about improving all aspects of their game.

  • Hit the greens with the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls in tow.
  • While the reactive titanium core maximizes your energy transfer
  • Titanium fused hybrid ionomer cover with soft Matte finish