Callaway XLS Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder, with Magnetic Cart Mount

$349.18 USD

The Callaway XLS Pro golf laser rangefinder offers superior optics and distance measurement features to maximize your performance on the course. The XLS Pro golf laser delivers powerful 6x magnification at a total range up to 800 yards, with accuracy to +/- 1 yard. When engaged, the slope compensation feature will automatically provide adjusted distances based on elevation changes, with easy disengagement via the external on-off switch making the Callaway XLS Pro golf laser legal for tournament use. When approaching the green, scan across the pin in PAT mode (Pin Acquisition Technology) and receive a vibrating Pulse confirming you've hit the flag versus any clutter behind it. The Callaway XLS Pro golf laser rangefinder has a compact, ergonomic shape with rubber inserts at the top and bottom to maximize your grip and help steady your aim. The innovative Magnahold feature includes a strong internal magnet allowing you to securely mount the laser onto the cart frame, for easy and convenient access during play. Comes with a carry case with carabiner to clip to your golf bag, and a lens cleaning cloth.

  • Range 5 - 800 yards; 6x magnification
  • Slope compensation auto-distance adjustments based on changes in elevation
  • Superior +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • Magnahold magnetic cart frame mount
  • External slope on-off switch; legal for tournament play
  • Premium carry case with carabiner clip and bungee cord closure
  • Water/Fog resistant