IZZO Exploder Prank Golf Balls, White, Dimpled, Plastic 4 Pack

$12.64 USD

Prank your friends and generate a lot of laughs on the course with the Izzo Exploder Golf Balls. Upon impact the balls will vanish in a cloud of white smoke/powder. The Izzo Exploder Golf Balls are white and dimpled giving them the look of a real golf ball. The exploding-prank golf balls are made with a soft plastic shell and are filled with a environmentally safe, non-toxic white powder. The Izzo Exploder Golf Balls come with 4 balls per package.

  • Includes 4 white, dimpled prank golf balls.
  • Look like real golf balls
  • Great gag on the course; Will confuse your friends and generate lots of laughs
  • Balls will safely disintegrate on impact, revealing a cloud of white smoke/powder